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Don't Sweat the Rite-Aid Windows

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007, at 09:57AM
Glass Etching at Rite-Aid Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Ever since the new Rite-Aid emerged at the corner of 5th/Broadway it's been sporting some serious window etching on the windows. I've heard people worry about that, remarking how they should have made sure to install roll-down gates before taking down the scaffolding.

In fact, the building's windows are just fine. To prevent etched windows smart buildings will put special surface protecting tape over the glass. The tagger may still come and do their thing, but instead of having to replace the glass all you do is peel off that strip of tape and put up a new one. You can check out 3M's window protection tape, or just do a search to find some more information.

So right now the Rite-Aid may looked a little scuffed up, but once they finally get their act together and start moving it'll quickly look good as new.


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