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Tape Watch Redux? Not Quite

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007, at 03:03PM
Pershing Square Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Last year large chunks of Pershing Square were closed off for four months, the off-limits space sealed off by LAPD yellow tape. Finally the tape came down, though no one ever answered the question of how the closure was allowed to go on so long.

This spring the grassy area is again taped off, and several readers have emailed me asking if the same scene is playing out. The short answer: no.

Every year the grassy area of the park plays host to the ice rink for several months. Afterward the grass is re-sodded and taped off while it sets and takes root. That's where this round of tape came from.

That said, from the reading I've done sod typically takes four to six weeks to set. We're just past eight weeks out from when the ice was removed. If the tape doesn't come off soon it's time to start complaining again.


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