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This is Just Too Much

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, March 18, 2007, at 11:41PM
_DSC2897 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Of all the absurd things I've seen filming do, I think tonight's takes the prize. Whoever decided to allow a film shoot to fly a helicopter over the Historic Core for a good forty-five minutes or so at 11pm on a Sunday night needs to lose their job. I'd tell you what film it is, but in the last few hours the filming notice disappeared off our front door.

I don't know what the technical term for it is, but a helicopter makes a lot of noise when it's staying in place, much more so than when it's flying forward. For a large chunk of the last hour the chopper's been hovering over Broadway, and the sound has been coming through loud and clear inside my apartment.

Within a block or so are a half dozen other buildings, together comprising maybe 600 residential units. It's simply laughable to think that it's ok to allow this type of shooting activity late in the evening when plenty of people have to get up early for work tomorrow morning.


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