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Tenth Homeless Map Now Online

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 19, 2007, at 02:33PM

The tenth Cartifact Downtown Homeless Map just went online, showing the count taken on the morning of the 15th. Only 700 people were counted on the streets, the lowest number since the counts started. The ten maps represent eighteen weeks of homeless count data.

With the new map we've also added a new intro slide that shows attempts to provide a little bit of context for the area shown. The colored buildings show service providers and residential hotels. Even as someone who's walked around through Skid Row plenty of times, it still amazes me to see how high the concentration of services is over there. Some blocks are almost entirely filled in with providers and SROs.

Be sure to also check out the Process tab on the site, particularly to see the third tab showing surface modeling.

If you missed previous discussion of the map, you can find that here.


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