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Don't Trust the Listings

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2007, at 09:01AM
Wilshire / Grand Retail Building Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Here's a great example of why you should never trust listings on property websites for good information. Back in September I posted about a listing for the corner of 7th & Grand. Included was a rendering of the existing glass building (above) with a new, friendly exterior (below). The space was listed as available in Q4 of 2006.

So here we are in April of 2007 and the building still looks exactly as it did. Same glass exterior, same tenants, same everything. The listing disappeared a while back, and it sure doesn't look like anything is in the pipeline.

Just a little reminder to not get your hopes too high based on something you run across here or there. After all, there's plenty to get excited about with the projects that are actually in progress.


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