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Be Careful What You Wish For

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 16, 2007, at 07:55AM
Club El Antro Eric Richardson [Flickr]

For the last three years I've held a bit of a grudge against the nightclubs found in the Stock Exchange on Spring street. My big complaint: they placed their entrances on the alley, completely ignoring their front door and the street. Sure, they were Downtown, but in location only.

A few weeks ago Club El Antro -- whose website proclaims it "the trendiest club ever" -- took over the space and proceeded to shock me by making the building's grand Spring street entrance its front door.

Around 2am that first night I found out the downside to this move. Patrons leaving a bar at last call aren't exactly quiet. Each Sunday since I've been woken up at 1:50am as people exit the club with loud conversation and more than a little yelling. Pictured is the view of the front door from my bedroom window. Our 80 year-old glass doesn't do much for blocking noise.

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But what's the answer?

In theory I support the club's move to its front door. I don't want them back on the alley. I think it's very cool for Downtown that club patrons Saturday night passed by a packed event at 626 Gallery. I like that they pass right by the wine bar at 626 Reserve. Having people come down here and see life going on is a great sales pitch for Downtown.

But that said, this is a residential neighborhood. Moving Downtown you have to expect a certain level of noise that you wouldn't tolerate elsewhere -- that's part of urban living -- but to know that you'll be woken up at 2am every weekend isn't acceptable.

As a club, how could El Antro help solve the problem? Would signage do anything? Would a bouncer telling people to quiet down work?

What can we as a community do to mitigate the problem while still supporting nightlife?


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