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Delivered At Last

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 16, 2007, at 05:59PM

Almost three years ago -- just a few weeks after I had moved Downtown -- I wrote that Von's grocery delivery service intrigued me. The broader context of the post was my ambivalence over the forthcoming Ralphs:

From my apartment the walk to Ralphs will be about .85 miles. That's worlds better than the distances present now, but the question you have to ask is what's the magic distance at which people will make the frequent trips required to do their grocery shopping on foot. Once you're in the car it doesn't really matter whether you're going one mile or ten.

So three years later we're still waiting for the Ralphs, but finally I've tried out delivery. Short review: worked exactly as it should.

Read on for more...

Kathy and I were going to head to the store last night, but when the time came I really didn't feel like making the effort of getting in the car and wandering the aisles. Our list didn't include anything we needed for this morning, so I decided to finally give delivery a shot.

Around 7pm I placed the order on the Von's web site. One small feature I really liked: you can lock in your delivery window before you've done your shopping. No worrying about getting your cart together only to find that there aren't delivery options for a time you're available.

I was working from the apartment today, so I selected a 1 - 3pm delivery window. There were plenty of evening times available as well, should I not have been on an odd schedule. The driver showed up at 1:30pm, rang the doorbell and there were my groceries. He placed them in the kitchen and then was off.

My total time commitment for this "trip"? About twenty minutes. Fifteen were putting a cart together, five were putting groceries away here in the apartment.

I approve. I'm not going to say that getting the new Ralphs won't be nice, but I doubt I'll use it any more than I use the store these days. And given how well this one went, delivery might just work its way up my list.


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