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The Doubling Up of Second

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, April 20, 2007, at 12:26PM
2nd Street Extension Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I hadn't been up to Bunker Hill lately, so until yesterday I hadn't realized that the project to extend upper 2nd from Olive to Grand was underway. This first phase will provide just enough of the street to fulfill the fire exit requirements for Colburn's new tower (which is itself looking pretty good).

I'm in support of this project simply because it helps grow Downtown's ever-confusing network of multi-level streets. I put a Downtown route together for an IAAL-MAF one time and called it the 3D Ride. Twice over the course of the route we crossed the same X/Y coordinate at three different Z elevations.

These streets may not be the easiest to understand in a car, but I think they make Downtown more interesting.


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