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New Hours Seem to Say More of the Same

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, April 22, 2007, at 05:43PM
Rite Aid Blade Sign Eric Richardson [Flickr]

As they've worked on the new Broadway Rite-Aid I've hoped that the shiny new store would signal an improved Historic Core presence for the drug store. That hope has tempered a bit as the months have dragged on and the store hasn't opened. And if the newly posted hours are an indication, business at the new store will be the same as at the old.

Rite-Aid's Downtown hours are a bit of a mystery to me. The store at 7th/Hope, in the middle of office buildings and not too close to (currently open) housing, is open until 9pm. On the other hand the store at 5th/Broadway -- within two blocks of thousands of residents -- is closed by 8pm.

How does that make sense? Aren't residents likely to need something in the evening? Certainly they're more likely shoppers than the office workers who have long gone home by 9pm.

This isn't even just a Rite-Aid phenomenon. Famima!! has their store at 8th/Figueroa open later than the one at 6th/Grand, even though the latter is far closer to residents. I realize hours are the sort of thing that can change, but shouldn't these companies have caught on by now?


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