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Downtown LA #3 "Bloggiest"

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 23, 2007, at 10:41AM is a site built around the idea of geographically aggregating blog content. Today they released a list of the top ten "bloggiest neighborhoods" and put Downtown LA at #3. They say this about their methodology:

The results below are based on a number of variables: total number of posts, total number of local bloggers, number of comments and Technorati ranking for the bloggers.

It's fascinating to me that Downtown would make such a list. When I moved Downtown three years ago I found very little in the way of people writing about life Downtown (basically only Jim Winstead). I started writing about Downtown on my (now mostly dormant) e;blog, and then in January of 2005 forked that stuff off to make blogdowntown. It's been great to see the way that more people have taken up writing about the neighborhood in the time since.

Random fact for you: I almost gave the blogdowntown domain name to Central City East Blogger Don Garza before ended up using it myself.

Also, speaking of Downtown bloggers: Downtown Hound is a new group blog that started up this month.


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