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Toilet Watch: Blame DWP

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007, at 12:11PM

Toilet Watch As I mentioned yesterday, Lance Oishi of Street Services attended a DLANC meeting last night to come talk about the street furniture program and specifically the APTs. He provided some fascinating insight into what's been going on and what's been dragging this process out. A basic summary: DWP is trouble.

Lance was extremely straight-forward about the frustration he experiences trying to work with DWP on this and other projects. Where you'd expect City agencies to cooperate with each other, it certainly sounds like DWP sits in its own little fiefdom. Diplomatic approaches haven't changed that, and Lance said he's had about enough of it.

We're at the point where the gloves are going to come off.

Much more after the jump...

The latest snafu holding up the Pershing Square installation came when DWP rejected an inspection letter from the City's Bureau of Contract Administration. Though the letter was exactly the same as the ones sent for the three active APTs, DWP rejected it, saying it didn't properly state that the installation met all electrical standards.

The City wants to have 15 APTs operational City-wide within the next 12 - 18 months. To do so obviously something in this process is going to have to change.

Also in Pershing Square news, there is to be a second APT on the park side of 5th/Hill. Dennis Smith first noted this in the comments a week ago.

And finally, some interesting toilet stats. As these are high tech machines, the City gets some high tech info on them. The APT at the NoHo station is the most used of the three existing installations, with around 230 daily uses. The installation at 5th & San Julian is second with 150 - 160 uses. A roving maintenance team visits each APT twice per day to make sure things are up to standards and to refill the disinfectant, toilet paper, etc.

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