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Downtown Gets Canadian Ink

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, April 28, 2007, at 10:22AM
Skyline from the Spring Street Bridge Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A few weeks ago I got a chance to walk around with Susan Pigg, a travel writer from the Toronto Star. Her story on the revival of Downtown runs today. It's a different spin on the Downtown feature, really doing a great job highlighting some local favorites.

It's Thursday night and the streets outside Shane Guffogg's Pharmaka art gallery are bustling with parents pushing strollers, young couples cruising for canvases and a movie shoot that's shedding some light on what used to be a dark corner of the downtown.

Adding to all the activity are about a dozen cyclists who've just rolled onto 5th St. They're here for the monthly Downtown Art Ride, an offshoot of the Downtown Art Walk that attracts hundreds of visitors to the area's 31 galleries and makes for a lively night at nearby bars, restaurants and sidewalk cafes.

It's a bit ironic that with all this local flavor I get quoted promoting the rooftop bar at The Standard.

Walking around with Susan was really interesting to me because she kept forcing me to look at what Downtown's redevelopment means for tourists. I'm very good at telling the tale of Downtown as an urban revival, but it's not often I look at the stuff around me and say "What would someone from out of town come Downtown to check out?"


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