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When Machines Break Down

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 30, 2007, at 01:44PM
Mobile Pumping at the Bartlett Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Just last week I had someone email me and ask if there had ever been any posts about the Bartlett Building. There hadn't been, until today.

Curbed today posts about troubles at the Bartlett Building, where fire pumps have been out for the last two weeks, hence the pump truck that's been parked on 7th. The email Curbed posts says that having the truck out front and someone on fire watch is costing the building $2400 per day (roughly $33,600 to date).

Update (Tuesday): Several people from the building say that Barry has nothing to do with it and that this is between the homeowners' group and the maintenance company. I believe them, and I've pushed what I had originally written into the body.

Regardless of the reality, the fact is that when something like this happens in one of the buildings Barry has developed, people associate the problem with him. That's a harsh but fair leftover from all the trouble that came out of the Higgins Building. Barry, and his buildings, will remain under a microscope Downtown. He's earned that.

And on the other side, regardless of who the issue's between, this is a big deal for the Bartlett. It needs to be fixed and it needs to be done quickly. The truck and its hoses are a nuisance on 7th and create a very sketchy situation at 7th & Spring for anyone in a wheelchair.

These two paragraphs were the original ending for the post.

This sort of issue is where all those contracts really get read. Two weeks at $2400/day is $33,600, and that has nothing to do with the cost of repairs. This is the part where lawyers fight about who's currently in ownership of the building (the developer or the homeowners group), what condition the equipment was in at handover, etc.

Perhaps the maintenance company is fully to blame, but this is just another case where a Barry Shy building causes controversy. Let's not get started into another discussion about him, though.


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