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City of LA Gets Into the Bad Map Game

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, April 30, 2007, at 08:52PM
Five Car Pile-up Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It's surprising how many bad maps are out there. Every so often I run across a map of Downtown that's particularly egregious, and I just have to take the time to point it out here.

Today's map has a little twist in that it's actually produced by the City of LA. These massive Downtown districts maps have shown up on a handful of advertising kiosks over the past couple of months. The one I took pictures of is on the side of our favorite APT at 5th/Hill.

It's hard to summarize my problems with this one in just one paragraph, so go ahead and click Read More to get the details after the jump.

Ok, let's start with the mess that is the Civic Center shot above. Text collides with icons. Icons collide with lines. It's like a five car pile-up in cartographic form.

Artists?Second, it's the Arts District not the Artists District. Ed gave a good history of that name recently. There aren't really that many districts Downtown: go ahead and get them right.

Third: "Little Tokyo District"? It's Little Tokyo. That's it.

Fourth, take a close look at those district icons. If I had to guess I'd say they grabbed them off a website and blew them up at least 400%. The pixels are quite visible on such a massive print.

Fifth, there's at least one straight-up typo. That's just sloppy.

Bottom line: These maps are pretty sad. All it really takes is a little common sense to do something better, or perhaps to give a call to someone who can.


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