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Doubly Closed

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007, at 10:14AM
DWP Work on 6th Eric Richardson [Flickr]

This one gets filed under the The Streets Are Closed Anyway, Right? category.

On my way into the office I passed a DWP crew blocking off most of 6th street in the block between Spring and Broadway. They were prepping for a trenching to lay some new pipes.

That's all good and well, but who approved doing this on the same day as a major march through Downtown? That's some high quality coordination right there.

Best moment was watching the two men trying to find a spot to hang the "One Lane" sign pictured. Every street post was so filled with No Parking and No Stopping signs that they passed two or three by before finally just shrugging and deciding to hang their sign above the others.


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