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Toilet Watch: Times Gives APTs Some Ink

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 03, 2007, at 08:40AM

Toilet Watch Cara DiMassa runs a story in today's Times about the slow pace of APT installation Downtown. For those of you who have been following along here it's not new information, but it's very good to see the story get a little wider play.

Cara even mentions our Toilet Watch, though she doesn't name the site itself:

Even some supporters are becoming frustrated with all the delays, which include getting the power turned on — and to stay on — at the toilets. One downtown blogger has posted regular "Toilet Watch" updates on his website in frustration.

"If we want to clean up the smells and sights of our streets, we have to be able to offer these facilities," said Eric Richardson, the blogger, who is a member of the area's neighborhood council.

After reading this I was a little nervous what someone might find if they went to Google ad searched for "Toilet Watch." Turns out, though, that blogdowntown is indeed the top result. I also discovered that the Guardian did a Toilet Watch series in 2004, covering the state of the facilities at the Glastonbury Festival.

On a more serious note, it's appalling that DWP says work won't be completed any time soon:

Joe Ramallo, a spokesman for [DWP], said officials were looking into the cause of the delay. He said work on the Pershing Square unit would be completed in a month.

What could possibly be left to do that would take that long to complete?

Past Toilet Watch coverage:


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