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Some Friday Stadium Play Time

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, May 04, 2007, at 01:25PM

Stadium Interactive

Continuing on Monday's stadium discussion, here's a fun little toy for helping you envision how a baseball stadium might fit into the fabric of Downtown. The Stadium Interactive lets you drag the stadium around, rotate it, and even flip between five different stadium models. It also lets you get a link for your design so you can share it here in the comments.

Pictured is my current favorite stadium site, first suggested by Tim Quinn. You can see the live version here. It would place the stadium on the site of existing DWP facility, so at least for the most part it's land the City already owns.

Give it a go and come back to share your stadium sites. After the jump a slight bit more on how to make it all work...

When you've got the stadium where you want it, click "Get Link" on the bottom left. The page will reload, and the URL in your browser will now be a direct link to your design. Just copy that and paste it into the comments.

However, these are long links. So, to be friendly, wrap your link in a bit of text. Markdown, the formatting engine used here, makes that really easy. Just do something like:

[My cool design](

That'll make it a link. Use the live preview to make sure you're doing it correctly.


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