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Toilet Watch: Newsweek Picks Up the APT Issue

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, May 08, 2007, at 10:33PM

Toilet Watch I was at the DLANC Board meeting tonight when my Dad called. Sitting down back in Michigan after a late softball game he picks up a copy of Newsweek and what does he find but me getting quoted.

For its perspective page, a weekly snapshot of quotations from around the country, the magazine picked up my quote from the recent Times APT article.

"If we want to clean up the smells and sights of our streets, we have to be able to offer these facilities."

Blogger Eric Richardson, on L.A.'s installation of luxury automated public toilets

It's typical but sad that the news media keeps pushing the "luxury" angle of this. These same sort of APTs are in various cities across the US (SF, Chicago, Boston). In LA, though, it's got to be luxury.

I plan to go pick up a print copy tomorrow, but online I'm situated between one quote on the Queen's visit and another about porn on the Disney Channel.

Thanks also to Curt Gibbs for noticing this and offering his congratulations.


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