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Target at 8th and Broadway? Not Quite, but It Would be Cool

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 16, 2007, at 04:17PM
Hamburger / May Co -- 801 S. Broadway Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Curbed yesterday posted a rumor about Target moving into the Broadway Trade Center (#6), the former Hamburger / May Company store at 801 S. Broadway. Unfortunately I think that's all this is, a rumor. Good sources are saying there's nothing in the works here.

That said, the building really only works as a big-box retailer. It was built with department store floorplates in mind and has enormous expanses of interior space. To convert the structure to a residential or office use would take cutting a bevy of interior lightwells in to try and make the mass less confining.

In the end I like the enthusiasm, but just like the rumors of a Target at 5th & Hill (sparked simply by them posting an ad on a building totally impossible for a store) this one would seem to be the product of wishful thinking. If a Target could be willed into existence I think Downtowners might have made that happen by now.


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