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Weekend Lunch in the Fashion District: Tiara Cafe and Wood Spoon

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 21, 2007, at 08:35AM
Wood Spoon Eric Richardson [Flickr]

In the comments yesterday David Kennedy wrote about new weekend hours at Tiara Cafe and how some service and a little advertising could make the place a cool weekend hangout. I really enjoy their food, but it was tough for me to get over there when they were only open for weekday lunch.

Kathy and I actually headed down that direction for lunch on Saturday, but ended up at Wood Spoon. I had written about their opening back in that January post on 9th & Main, but hadn't actually made it inside. After one lunch I'm sold. I had the Pork Burger with sweet potato fries and really enjoyed both. Even our water was unique -- the carafe they brought had cinnamon and lemon inside, a taste I wouldn't have thought of but ended up intrigued with.

An event that I'm definitely interested to check out is Wood Spoon's Saturday night social meal. Each week brings a different main dish, served family-style around one big table. Reservations are required, check with them to see what's coming up.

Wood Spoon and Tiara Cafe are both on 9th street, in the respective blocks to the west and east of Main street.


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