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Metro Looking at a Broadway Transit Mall

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2007, at 04:43PM
Broadway and California Plaza Eric Richardson

I just got back from a Transportation Committee meeting at City Hall. This wasn't the matter I was there for, but during discussion of the Metro Connections program it came up that Metro is studying the idea of Broadway as a transit mall. This isn't a new idea -- various people and agencies have talked about it for years. It's interesting to hear that it's still a topic in active discussion.

Back in July of 2005 I argued here that Denver's 16th street mall is a great model for Broadway. Though not quite the same -- 16th street carries only an end-to-end shuttle and not normal transit service -- the ideas of closing the roadway off to cars, narrowing the street and widening sidewalks still strike me as perfect fits for Broadway.


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