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Sidewalk Reroute

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 24, 2007, at 03:23PM
Sidewalk Reroute Eric Richardson [Flickr]

For the past few days they've been doing road work in front of the Roosevelt on 7th street. Today's work involved closing the sidewalk in front of the building. To my surprise, they coned a pedestrian path around the work instead of just calling the sidewalk closed.

I mentioned two weeks ago that sidewalks Downtown are treated as second class citizens. Even as we say we're making Downtown pedestrian-friendly, we close off sidewalks for long-term construction and force pedestrians to travel out of their way to get around. Large projects will close off an entire block at a time, as is the case for the LAPD HQ construction and the old State Building demolition.

That's just not ok. Downtown is a pedestrian place, and we need to reflect that priority in the way we plan construction projects.

On a positive note, Flower around Market Lofts has been reopened as Sodha noted in the comments. I didn't make it down to 9th to see if anything had changed there.


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