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Police Situations: One Real, One Not

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 24, 2007, at 10:13PM
Emergency?  Nope, just Filming Eric Richardson [Flickr]

David Kennedy sent me an email just a few minutes back reporting a security situation at Union Station. Police had evacuated the building and weren't letting anyone inside. As usual, I'd guess suspicious package and expect bomb squad to show up shortly.

All emergencies aren't what they seem, though, as shown by the pictured situation on Broadway. Heading home just now I saw a helicopter working a tight maneuver over Broadway with it's spotlight shining down on a car. After living Downtown this long I should know better, but I thought LAPD was onto someone and went over to check it out. Five or six police cars surrounded the lit up SUV. Policemen were on foot with guns drawn.

Only then did I notice that the police cars said "MP DC" instead of LAPD. Turns out it was a scene for the sequel to National Treasure.


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