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DotDotDash: View From A Hill

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2007, at 11:32AM

Ddd Exits & Entrances: The throwback to a three-dot column will roam Downtown neighborhoods, both near & noir, for blogdowntown.

In this edition, we share news about a one night Holy dog run, watch people leave Dodger Stadium, pass the word of a recently opened park that is straight out of Compton, and find the Los Force was strong in that other gathering held over the weekend; all after the jump.

Dogma Run: With blessings from the Monsignor himself, The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (555 W Temple St) will offer dog owners who reside Downtown the use of the Cathedral courtyard as a dog run for one night this summer..— The pooch-pontiff meet and greet will be held on Tuesday, July 31, from 5:30 to 7:30 ..— Details for Parish Pup playtime will be posted later.


Heard From the Hill: During the Blogdowntown picnic held at Elysian Fields, Dodger fans could be heard cheering as the Blue beat the Cubbies, taking two out of three over Memorial Day weekend ..— Talk to the Hands: Around the stadium, there are more than the usual number of traffic control staff from the Los Angles Department of Transporation (LADOT). The Dotties directed cars at all gates, including, as we are told by a local, the 5th entrance at Scott Ave. Traffic was sped quickly through Scott to prevent any protest of locals who managed to have the gate shut down in 1996 ..— May 28 was the 50th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Dodgers nabbing 8 votes from baseball owners, “approving” a move to the West Coast. The Dodger website cheers the moxy of Walter O'Malley relocating from NY.


Back up the Hill: At the picnic, blogger friends and family had a view from Chavez Ravine to Downtown and beyond (almost)..— Guest List: 9th District's Jan Perry, Central City East Association’s Estela Lopez, blogger Sean Bonner, Cultural Curator Melissa Richardson, Team 5th and Spring, and the Town Crier were among those present ..— One young lady read about the picnic from the advance press, researched the blogs, and decided it “was a interesting enough group” to risk attending. It seems a good sign that she stayed after arriving.


More Park Space: Beyond Downtown is Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park ( 5790 Compton Ave ), the only construction wetland in an urban core. ..— Leader: The 8.5 acre park, once a cement pipe storage yard, is named after Augustus F. Hawkins, who represented South Central Los Angeles from 1963 to 1991 in the U.S. House of Representatives (California’s 29th District). He was the first African American to be elected to the House.


Previously noted, but worth repeating here: I had noted the now opened strip club adjacent to Little Tokyo and the Arts District was once to be backed by Penthouse Media Group ..— No truth to my rumor that the owner named the strip club "Little Tokyo Showgirls" to dig back at one of the communities that protested the club. ..— Now according to the L.A. Downtown News, club owner SP Star Enterprises will file a $19 million dollar lawsuit against the city for reversing an approved liquor license. ..— If victorious, do they want to be paid in one dollar bills?


Star Wars: An undisclosed Downtown breakfast spot is used to characters walking off the street, and that now includes a Stormtrooper who wandered in from the Los Angeles Convention Center looking for pancakes. ..— Fans take liberties with the Star Wars dress code created from the mind of George Lucas. One wore a disco glitter cape with his white armor, an homage to the 1977 release date of the original Star Wars. Another free thinker was Manny Garcia from Highland Park who wore a Jedi Knight robe with a Guadalupe on the back. Call him Hans Cholo.


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