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Pershing Square Tries Meet Up, Round Two

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, May 30, 2007, at 04:40PM

Pershing Square Invite For the second year in a row, Pershing Square is hosting a "Meet Your Neighbors" event on June 3rd. They invite you to bring a picnic, enjoy live music, and find out what's happening Downtown this summer from noon to 4pm.

Last year's event fell directly in the middle of our "Tape Watch", but this year's should at least offer the use of the entire park.

The event flyer (PDF; pictured) features one of the park's earlier post-garage looks. It's not a design that I'm particularly fond of, though I'd certainly like it better than today's concrete square. As was noted here a few weeks ago, the square may again be redesigned as part of the upcoming Park Fifth project.


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