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Downtown's Community Conversation

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 01, 2007, at 06:05PM

I have a guest op-ed piece in this week's Downtown News in which I make the case that Downtown's blogs and online community are taking over the process of shaping our neighborhood.

Today's groundswell of community-generated media represents the opposite end of the spectrum [from past master planning efforts]. Instead of taking on the grandiose, focus is given to the average and everyday. The master plan yields to a pedestrian perspective, a human-scale view of the real events and developments. Individually these posts and discussions have no grand theme, but collectively they help weave the fabric of who we are as the population of Downtown Los Angeles.

It was a fun piece to write, and I'd like to thank the Downtown News for bringing the topic to me.

Conversation has become the key word in my vision for blogdowntown. At the very bottom of this page you'll get a one line description of what the site is about:

The goal was and is to start a conversation about Downtown life with those who live and work here.

I echoed that same sentiment in the recent post where I intro'ed Dave and Ed. This site is at its best when the stories we post cause you to engage the issue and chime in with your opinions. I think that's powerful stuff, and a vital part of how we're going to define the neighborhood in which we live.


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