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Even an Operating APT Has Issues

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, June 03, 2007, at 05:03PM
Not Quite Right Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It would be nice to think that once an APT gets to the point where it's operational, we can cross it off the Toilet Watch list. Not quite so, though. Even $250,000 toilets have maintenance issues.

A few weeks back Celia posted about finding the APT out of order, and today the door seemed to have lost its will to open and close.

The unit wasn't displaying any kind of error, and was glad to take your quarter, but without a functioning door it wasn't going to provide a pleasant user experience. The door would unlock itself, but it wouldn't open or close under its own power.

Update (Monday): Passing by at 7:30 this morning there was a maintenance crew hard at work on getting the APT back into service.

Pictured is Town Crier Don Garza taking on a new role as APT doorman.


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