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Pershing Square Meet Up Draws a Sparse Turnout

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 04, 2007, at 01:55PM
empty square Ed Fuentes

Yesterday's Pershing Square Meet Your Neighbors Event wasn't widely attended by Downtown residents, but it was an interesting event nonetheless. An eclectic assortment of Downtown groups were represented at the booths, and the park had booked some live entertainment up on stage.

In the end, though, the event was exactly as I expected: poorly attended and not too enticing. And that, I think, is the problem. My expectations were likely shared by others around Downtown, if they had heard of the event at all. It wasn't that the event had any particular problems, I just didn't expect much going in.

It strikes me that the answer to getting residents to attend a Pershing Square event is not more programming, it's finding a way to change our expectations about what an event at the park will be like. I was talking to Russ yesterday and he's got some ideas for how DLANC can help be a part of that change, and I know some others might have been thinking in that general direction as well.

Photo by Ed Fuentes


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