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Downtown 1990

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 04, 2007, at 07:18PM

Downtown 1990 Thirty-five years ago today the Times ran an interesting piece talking about the $250,000 Downtown plan put together by planning firm Wallace, McHarg, Roberts & Todd. The plan laid out a vision of Downtown in 1990 (pictured at right), and it's a bit different than the Downtown of 2007.

Most interesting: the park that was supposed to give some sense to the "South Park" name. The 50-acre space was supposed to include a large lake and was to be the focal point for some dense high-rise development (you can make out the park as the low spot in the foreground of the image at right).

As nice a little space as Grand Hope Park is, it's hard to imagine what South Park might be like if built around a green space like this. While many residential developments are adding their own green space, they hardly take the place of city-owned space like this.

Update (Tuesday): Click the image for a much higher-res version of the rendering, scanned by Dave Bullock from his secret stash of Downtown history.

For more on the plan, check the historic LA Times archive and look for "The $2 Billion Prescription to Cure Downtown's Ills" by John Pastier.


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