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Fakeblogging Development at the Roosevelt

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 07, 2007, at 06:23PM
Not a Pedestrian Walkway Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I guess it was inevitable, and, heck, it's probably been done elsewhere, but the Roosevelt Lofts' fake blog is just sad. Ed wrote about this over on View from a Loft and I just had to mention it here. Consider this breathless tone from the first posting:

As I cruise the hallways of the prestigious Milbank Real Estate offices located in close proximately to one of their newest developments, The Roosevelt Lofts located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, I can't help but feel like I want to share all of the inner secrets of construction, and permitting, and progress associated with the project. There is talk of cornshells and courtyard wall sconces, VIP services for buyers and doggie day-care specials. When can buyers enter the building to see the units? When can buyers enter into escrow? Will buyers enter into escrow site unseen? So many questions.

Well, here's one question that apparently wasn't asked: Is this really a good idea? Simple answer: no, it isn't.

Whoever thought this up in the marketing department really didn't know a lot about blogs. With exceptions, a reader is attracted to a blog because of the author's voice. That voice encompasses both authenticity and authority. The two are really tied up in each other -- authenticity helps establish authority.

A blog that's written in syrupy marketing speak by a fake persona establishes neither authenticity nor authority. There's heavy use of the first-person pronoun, but no identity. That's simply not going to cut it.

I'm sorry Roosevelt, but I'm going to have to call this attempt a bust.

Photo taken out in front of the Roosevelt back in January and discussed here.


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