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DotDotDash: Keeping it Real Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, June 08, 2007, at 08:28AM

DddDotDotDash decrees that fake blogs are to be called "suspicous packages." As we wrap one blog in yellow tape, we take a look at Joel Bloom, the L.A. Times, theater on the hill, and a radio broadcast from a bigger hill. All after the jump.

WHAT NOW?!: Unofficial mayor of the Arts District Joel Bloom, has a proclamation from the City of Los Angeles next to his bed at the V.A. Hospital in Westwood that's signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, and all the members of the City Council ..— Proclamations go into the public record at City Chambers, and Bloom's includes a long list of his accomplishments: including that he's regarded as "the unoffical Mayor of the Arts District"..— Bloom is recovering from a third pass of treatments and Edward Walker, one of the employees of Bloom's General Store, sends word that Bloom is in good spirits and "not just wants visitors, but needs visitors."


IT HAPPENS: The day after the Ducks won the Stanley Cup, the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News used the same headline: "Webbed Feat"..— The Dodgers selected right-handed pitcher Chris Withrow as their top pick in the 2007 First-Year Player Draft.


FYI WORTH AN ENCORE: New Downtown dwellers are getting a great introduction to what the Center Theater Group can offer up on the hill..— Jersey Boys opened May 25 and runs until August 31 at The Ahmanson Theatre. The premiere of David Henry Hwang's new satire Yellow Face continues at the Mark Taper Forum until July 1..— More on Grand Ave: Worth repeating is that GP on Grand opens this Sunday with OZO MALTI.


FISH RAP The latest installment of LAPL's Z√≥calo Public Square Lecture Series was "Can the LA Times be Saved?" Held Tuesday evening, the panel discussion will be broadcast on KPCC 89.3 at a later date. . -- Listen for the crowd's mumbling when LAT Editor Jim O' Shea talks about the Al Martinez buyout and how losing Pulitzer Prize winning writers to layoffs isn't a set-back because new Pulitzer Prize winners can be found..—Executive Editor of Meredith Artley brings up that photographs from bloggers were part the story that came out of the March 30 Hollywood Hills fire. You saw how the the LAT responded during the May 9 Griffith Park blaze. They did a live blog giving updates..— SPEAKING OF PRIZE LA Weekly Food Critic and 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold has been added to the menu of speakers.


THE DUCKS ARE ABOVE AVERAGE Humorist Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" tours big-time cities and add observations as he broadcasts back to his fictitious hometown "Lake Wobegone" back in Minnesota. Last year, he penned that California was so obsessed with the southern border "that he was able to slip in from the east." ..— With the busy week of a SoCA hockey team winning a Stanley Cup, Paris Hilton getting out of the joint, and fires near the Greek Theatre where the show is being taped Friday evening; Keillor has a lot of material to work from..— His website promoting the June 9 broadcast (KPCC 89.3) tells us Randy Newman, Martin Sheen, Paula Poundstone, and cellist Meta Weiss will appear..—The website also says that the Greek Theater's "no smoking policy is now enforced with high-pressure water cannons and helicopters loaded with foam."


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