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DotDotDash: Art Walk DASH Debut Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2007, at 09:24AM
Dash Ed Fuentes

Thursday marks the debut of the Downtown Art Walk DASH, promising to whisk gallery goers from 2nd down Spring to 9th and back up to Main from 7pm to 9:45pm. Before we jump on to look at some galleries on the route, here's a look at a launch party held last night along with some odds and ends in a longer than usual DotDotDash for Tuesday, June 12.

TOKEN PARIS WATCH: With the slew of celebs moving or rumored to be moving into Downtown, we can add that Paris Hilton is Arts District adjacent––staying in a tower at Vignes and Alameda ..— Bordello was packed last night hosting New Angeles Monthly's launch party that had Executive Publisher Charles N. Gerencser welcoming everyone to the Eastside connection..— Cop Bar Memories: Commander Andy Smith was there as a guest and reminisced that when he turned sergeant, his promotion party was in the same place when it was a cop bar at a "small table in the corner."..—Boffo at Bordello Doing research on local movers and shakers was Daily Variety's Steve Chagollan who is leading V-scribes in a special section on the "renaissance" of Downtown.

grafFIRST DASH STOP HAS A LAST CALL: With eminent domain proceedings starting, this may be M.J. Higgins last Art Walk opening night. It's aptly named Escape: Urbanscapes and Landscape and the opening runs 6pm to 9pm (officially) on Main just s/o 2nd..—The southside wall of MJ Higgins is getting a new mural by British graf artist Odisie who is visiting L.A. to paint a robot fighting a lizard. When asked why a graffiti artist's signature is unreadable, with a proper English accent he replied, "To flabbergast the authorities."


OVER 2nd TO SPRING: It's the first Art Walk for MoronoKiangGallery, located at the Bradbury Building (218 W 3rd at Broadway). They will be open from Noon to 9 with Just Words: Xu Bing, Hong Hao, and Xie Xiaoze ..— Dark Field View is "The nature of optics, and the act of seeing is a common thread in the glass sculptures" by Graham Caldwell. His solo debut is at Bank, aka the Banco Popular Building (125 W 4th St). How dark is the view? The gallery closes at 6pm


QUICKLY DOWN SPRING: Degrees of Weirdness continues at Red Dot Bistro Gallery and Bistro (500 S Spring) ..— Cheech Marin's Chicano Collection still resides at the Alexandria Hotel (5th and Spring) ..— It's A Man's World at 626 Gallery has a soft opening before the June 16 opening night reception (626 S. Spring)..— Gallery Waugh has Elvis doing heavy metal in the window. ..— L.D. Grant and Paul Torres are at The Hive Gallery and Studio, and Infusion Gallery has an opening reception for Power of Suggestion (6-9 pm) ..— "The nighttime city surface is never that dark. The real darkness lies under that surface." says photographer Tom Zimmerman, who continues Neon Noir at City Center Gallery (812 S. Spring St) ..— Ground Floor at Santee Court opens. Ask for info at groundfloor@santeecourt (716 S.Los Angeles St Suite C)


THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Bert Green Fine Art continues Elizabeth Tobias' Emptiness and Form ..—Los Angeles Center for Digital Art opens Andrzej P. Bator: Anamnesis -- [Re] construction of an Image including a live art deconstruction and reconstruction by the artist. ..—The Regent Gallery opens Monica Mader's glass work in Color in Fragments curated by Dale Youngman. ..— This one will be a Hit: Crewest opens Italian Masters a group exhibition with 21 graffiti artists from Milan, all will be at the opening night reception starting at 6pm.


regent LAST ADD RENAISSANCE: The mother of Regent Gallery Curator Dale Youngman is 75-year-old T. Youngman, found here helping her daughter prep for the Art Walk. While on a ladder painting, the spirited matriarch from Plymouth, Mass, was asked about her POV on the revitalization of downtown. She replied in with a Yankee clip: "When is it going to happen? I'm getting older." Then she said "A lot of people, energized and hopeful, will fuel it. It takes innovative and motivated people." She paused and added, "It better happen before they get jaded." That's the word from a mother, East Coast style.


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