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DotDotDash: Art Walk Circles

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, June 15, 2007, at 10:34AM

Ddd As DotDotDash checks out galleries and goes in circles, we note some debuts at last night's Art Walk. More after the jump:

RIDE INTO TOWN: Downtown's Historic Core, Old Bank District, and Gallery Row (or what DDD calls "Gilville") was a different place just a year ago, even with the Downtown Art Walk bringing people onto the streets every second Thursday of the month ..— Thanks in no small part to Captain Andrew Smith and the work of LAPD, Main street has become a much friendlier and livlier place. ..— Other cities may that energy almost every night, but Downtown took one more step forward toward a real transition with last night's Downtown Art Walk DASH line; running slightly past it's 9:45 pm curfew.


NEW CONCEPT: Eagle Rock's Michelle Varelais had her first Art Walk visit starting at MoronoKiangGallery. She heard of the Art Walk DASH and joked she that it sounded like "performance art piece of nude runners."..— The DASH had no major hitches, although the lit destination panel reading "ARTWALK DISTRICT" had DDD look twice...— Two drivers kept tabs on each other by walkie-talkie to pace time and make sure the buses didn't bunch up. "I just talked to the other driver, and he said his bus is full," said one driver who added a suggestion that 5th & Spring could use a stop for the night.


FUNK SEARCH: Roaming the galleries were staffers of Los Angeles Magazine whose mission was to find the "funky people" of Art Walk. Should have been here a year ago. ..— Pharmaka Art added a soundtrack with a jazz/r&b group at 5th and Main who pulled in a crowd..— DDD doesn't think it was intentional marketing strategy, but the timing was good for the Main Street Grill at the northeast corner of 5th & Main. Their new sign was being installed as the walkers hit the streets ..— The new mural on the side of the MJ Higgins gallery, slated to be demolished for LAPD, has a name now. It's called "L.A. Takedown."


NEW MOSAICS: A career change began at the Regent Gallery for artist Lana Lingan who debuted her work last night. She's about to graduate from Cal State Long Beach with a BFA in Drawing and Painting after leaving a career in social services to follow a life-long dream ..— Her youngest daughter, 11, was at the opening and has been supportive of mom even when "during finals, the house gets messy, and we are stepping over things." ..— DDD checked in later; artist and daughter were gone for the night, but Lingan sold her first print earlier in the evening.


PLANT PANEL Closing last night was Joyce Campbell 's LA Botanical Project at Gallery 727 (727 S Spring) A panel discussion will be held June 21 with the artist, landscape architect for Los Angeles River Project Mia Lehrer, South Central Farmers representative Rufina Juarez, editor of Arthur Magazine Jay Babcock, and project coordinator of Projecto Jardin Daisy Tonantzin. Gallery 727 patron James Rojas will moderate the Thursday, June 21 panel starting at 7.00 pm.


FULL CIRCLE The aforementioned Captain Andy Smith is now a LAPD Commander and a promotional celebration will held June 28 on Main St, just a bit north of 5th.


NEW BOOTLEG INVENTORY? The Main St market place may be shifting. One Skid Row local was seen pitching "antique photos, circa 1947" out of a backpack while walking down Winston. Frame was included.


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