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Mixing Modern with Classic

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 15, 2007, at 01:14PM
Roosevelt Backside Eric Richardson [Flickr]

If you haven't been on Wilshire lately to take a look at the backside of the Roosevelt, I encourage you to make a special trip. It's a great example of how a historic structure can be combined with some interesting modern architecture.

Everyone's familiar with the classic stone front the building presents to its 7th and Flower street sides. What you may not realize, though, is that the back was built very plainly. The two lightwells were plain brick with small windows.

The conversion tore out much of that brickwork and has replaced it with a much more modern glass and concrete look. They cut the space diagonally, increasing square footage and making the units seem like they'll be much more open.

This meld of modern and historic works because the two aspects aren't ever in view at once. The changes are visible via an alley off Wilshire (pictured), far from the views of the classic front. It's a smart architectural decision, and a cool way to handle a historic structure.


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