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Last Call for Pizza Toppings

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, June 16, 2007, at 09:12PM
Over the Bridge Ed Fuentes

"Would you like to see a different view of the city?," I asked someone who has seen every possible angle of Downtown with me over a number of years. Driving up to Elysian Park, site of the blogdowntown picnic, we stopped to take this photo from the bridge that overlooks the 110 freeway. It's now one of my favorite views of Downtown.

She was curious what the blogdowntown readers and Downtown bloggers picked for toppings to go on the The Los Angeles Pizza Company blogdowntown pizza. Eric, Dave and I will soon be meeting to make a decision, so let us know your ideas here (even if you want to make the east side of the pie different than the west side).



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