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DotDotDash: High Noon Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, June 22, 2007, at 09:38AM

Ddd Today we look at some duels on Main St and a few 'geetar' players as the new "sheriff" settles in. After all, Downtown was once a Western town.

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Cowboy Soul'I stopped smoking and was the longest 20 minutes of my life' sings Mike Mann on the first day of summer at Pershing Square's Lunchtime Concert Series. At high noon Mann's seven man posse, Cowboy Soul, began a tight set of c/w funk that came from the heart..— 15 years ago Mann saw how African-American cowboys were a big part of the American West "and I felt at home with the music," said the Iowa born singer-songwriter after the afternoon set..— Country Western with "soul", both sharing paths from the days of Gospel-blended together under the hot sun.


ON THE LAST DAY OF SPRING: The Daily Journal ran an article about the Los Angeles Community Action Network's (LACAN) claims of two set of rules for smokin’ and drinkin’ on the streets near 5th and Main..— The article quotes Bert Green (fairly he adds) who only hoped the video taping of gallery goers by LACAN did not position the Art Walk as the source of any discrimination.


CAN-CAM: LACAN's Pete White stated in both the article and later by phone that the intention wasn't to isolate the art walk, and that they consider the gallery scene "good for the community." ..— Many agree with LACAN's principles, including that the law should apply across the board to all, but their tactics bring questions. As a group who vehemently protests against cases where they feel the residents of Skid Row are getting treated unfairly, one suspects LACAN might not appreciate if it was the Historic Core residents going into Skid Row and taping residents this same way.


MORE 5th and Main: PHARMAKA welcomes a new intern––thanks to the Getty Multicultural Internship program––who is set to assist the gallery for the summer..— The USC undergrad's name is Samantha Santana, no relation to who was on the roof of the same building Thursday afternoon..— High over 5th and Main, on top of the Rossyln Hotel, Carlos Santana was being filmed for a new video. Fans and extras were dancing to his riffs until the sun went down Thursday.


MORE COWBOYS: New Arts District Senior Lead Officer Stephan Nichols made a big bust back in February 2007 while on his previous beat. He nabbed Jimmy Lee Smith, better known as "The Onion Field Killer", who was hiding as a parole violator on Skid Row..— Nichols has a hobby; he writes a form of prose that began on the campfires of the open range. It's called "Cowboy Poetry."


THE NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN Commander Andrew Smith's new badge forces a longer commute. He now has to walk further down the hall to an office. He also told DDD last week while at Bordello that he found out there's another Marquette University grad who covers his beat. "Sometimes, he gets me good.” says the man with the new badge about the G&C publisher..— Smith once asked media to consider reporting how LAPD hands out jaywalking tickets to everyone to prevent accidents, not to "harass" locals. We add that one person, a gallery owner, confessed to DDD they once received a jaywalking ticket on the streets of Downtown.


WESTERNS ARE OUR GOSPEL: " Yippee Ki Yay Mo - John 6:27" has been on MTA's bus coaches to promote Live Free or Die Hard, the Die Hard sequel partly filmed Downtown. It refers to the line from character John McCane, with a nod to the mysterious signs that use a biblical reference seen at sporting events––complete with the film's opening date of June 27 set to resemble chapter and verse..— 'BACK IN THE SADDLE' On the other side of the hill, The Autry National Center opens Gene Autry and the Twentieth-Century West: The Centennial Exhibition, 1907-2007, tonight, June 22, to celebrate the anniversary of Autry's birth. The guitar-playing cowboy has five stars on Hollywood Blvd.


4th COMING "It's not the Wild West anymore," says Tom Gilmore in a Daily Variety special on Downtown. The urban residential estates of Gil-Ville, aka the Old Bank District, share constant time as a filming backlot. Also quoted is location manager Tim Hillman who says filming Downtown is a new ballgame. Plus, our own Dave Bullock hits V ink (Vink?) with his POV of the helicopter that buzzed over his building on March 18, 2007.

Pictured: Mike Mann at Pershing Square, June 21. Lyrics courtesy of CowboySoul. Photo: EF


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