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Friday Flamenco Night at Grand Performances

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, June 23, 2007, at 11:01AM
_IGP5448 Ed Fuentes

Straight out of Barcelona, Ojos de Brujo made their U.S. debut at Grand Performances Friday evening with their mix of hip-hop, flamenco guitar and congos; world music sampling modern and traditional Spanish folk-pop music influences. Already with a following, OdB also made new fans in the Watercourt at California Plaza as concert-goers of all ages were dancing, some bustin' a modified flamenco move.

The crowd level was just right as people lined the top deck one deep and the arena below was filled without being overly packed. Keeping the venue clear for people to pass through were earnest staffers. Several businesses remained opened so if you didn't bring your own refreshments, you were not left out . . . or gouged. For the money you save from that, donate $5 in any of the official buckets if you attend tonight, or anytime this summer.

Tonight's 8pm show is the Grand Performances "fundraiser" with the 70s' World-Funk of Mandrill. Go early to grab a piece of concrete, keeping in mind the aisles are marked by tape. If you go to the steps in front of the small arena to sit, stay above the 6th row so your view won't blocked by people dancing. And, if you plan to walk from the Historic Core, the steps along Angels Flight are closed by 5pm.

Even with people from all over Los Angeles and Southern California attending, this series makes everyone a Downtown local.


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