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DotDotDash: 'Dull-of-Late' Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, June 28, 2007, at 01:44AM

Ddd Inspired by the request of a comment made earlier this week, we take a look at Downtown sex, drugs, and some rock and roll––without photos––after the jump:

J-TOWN FROWNS: Supporters of the alcohol-deprived "Little Tokyo Showgirls" strip club are making hot and heavy comments--and not in a good way--as they bemoan the limits made on their high-end joint designed for big biz bucks from out-of-towners ..— As one Little Tokyo resident said: "Their research wasn't thought out very well. Big-time spenders from Japan haven't been visiting very much in the last ten years."


FOOD FIGHT: The pending move of the Little Tokyo / Arts District Farmer's Market to Fletcher Bowron Square met with protest from the L.A. Mall food court...— State and Federal buildings balked as well for security reasons, so the public space built to be a "town square" may continue its isolation ..— Can we say "South Lawn"?


MOORE FROM THE SOUTH LAWN: The day after Michael Moore screened his new documentary "SiCKO' on Skid Row, he was at City Hall speaking on behalf of Health-Care reform..— When asked what his thoughts were on Martin Luther King Jr.- Harbor Hospital, the troubled facility in danger of its license being revoked, Moore replied "Closing it isn't the answer. Heal it."..— King-Harbor just avoided being shut down by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, allowing some time to regroup for a government inspection in July.


MORE FROM THE ROW: LAPD SLO Officer Rosie Thompson, who does Bike Patrol in Skid Row, gave a quick report on "the regulars" who are no longer afraid to speak up, now helping to identify drug dealers ..— She adds that some lower-on-the-ladder illegal drug distributors who return to Skid Row, after being released from jail, are asking "Where did everybody go?"


ROCK AND ROLL: Short-timer Arts District adjacent resident Paris Hilton is out and bumped filmmaker Moore from a Larry King appearance at CNN Tower up the road in Hollywood last evening ..— That same night Paul McCartney did a 85-minute concert a few doors down at Amoeba Records. In line was Tony Andrews, a Downtown homeless man/ Beatles fan: "Much nicer people around here" he said, as war stories of spending time on sidewalks were shared by strangers ..— For The 'Record': The Police started their reunion tour Downtown at Staples Center and Dodger Stadium. Jersey Boys is almost sold out at the Ahmanson, and had an opening night on-stage curtain call visit by Frankie Valli himself.


THE MORNING AFTER: Arts District's Café Metropol and The Blue Dahlia are now serving breakfast. Gallery Row's Red Dot Bistro and Gallery will begin a Saturday brunch in a few weeks, complete with food sculpture..— Live, Die, Art Walk: Soon to open on Main St, between 4th and 5th, is a "artsy" tattoo parlor. Plus, within 30 days, The Main Street Grill at 5th and Main will be open and plan to serve "Italian, French, Greek and burgers." When the owners were asked will they be open for the Downtown Arts Walk, they replied "A what?"


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