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DotDotDash: Day-Off Edition

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 11:57PM

A pre-4th of July look inside and outside City Hall, plus the usual suspects, after the jump:

OUTSIDE THE HALL: Lighting up City Hall for special events was a request made via the fish-rap version of DotDotDash, and seeing the hall lit in Dodger Blue for opening day of baseball season was the first DDD suggestion. This week, City Hall was lit up in green to show solidarity for the global warming crisis..— Close Enough: We say let's keep using lights on the Hall.


INSIDE THE HALL: On July 3 Eric Garcetti swept the vote and will stay as City Council president..—Among the first order of business was to revive what's now called the Hollywood Holiday Parade."The Rose Parade is California's Parade. The Holiday Parade is L.A.'s parade" said Tom LaBonge to DDD after the vote. The proposal for RFD's was approved.


NEXT: "Joel Bloom Square" was officially approved by City Council, which is fortunate since the sign already went up at 3rd and Traction. The now officially-dubbed Arts District Pioneer and Activist has a small reproduction of the sign bedside at the VA. ..— Break for Lunch: Little Tokyo / Arts District Farmers Market was also approved to be held on the South Lawn of City Hall. It will start at the new locale July 19. Lunch items named after Rocky Delagadillo and the Mayor' are on hold, but whatever it is, it's in a big pickle.


HOTEL STOPOVERS: Development will continue getting ink as Smart Money magazine is making the rounds Downtown this week. They are being housed at The Standard. ..— Kudos to New Otani Hotel & Garden: Four college students from Taiwan were in town for a stopover, on their way to Yosemite National Park for an outdoor work/study program..— Undaunted by walking a mere few blocks to the hotel from Union Station at night, they somehow got turned around and found themselves going upstream, with loaded suitcases, at First and Hill..— Stopping to ask directions from me, I called the hotel. Despite the busy night, they sped over in a van and shuttled the Yosemite four to the lobby within 5 minutes.


BY AIR AND BY ROAD Those who film in L.A. are planning to enforce themselves. One idea is increase the duties of the retired and off-duty police that handle traffic during location shooting ..— One production was planning to set up a drive-by shooting, complete with explosions, in South L.A. The film shoot was nixed, according to Jan Perry who said, "They have already have people ducking at gunshots. Would they try film a scene with car bomb in Beruit?" Yes, DDD thinks they would.


GOING DOWN IN DIGNITY The tenants of Citizen's Warehouse sense doom as the First St Bridge widening continues. Construction will soon be taking out the loft-filled building. To deal with the anguish, Jungle Rush Studios is doing something traditional in Arts District lore. They are holding a series of parties with photo exhibits; reminding you of the four musicians going down with the Titanic while playing their instruments.


LAST ORDER OF BUSINESS at council chambers this afternoon was each council member declaring the fireworks from their district was the best show to see in L.A. "No, mine is. No, mine," they declared to each other..— Have a safe Fourth of July.


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