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Injured Angelique Employee Suffers a Fractured Disk, But is Recovering

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, July 12, 2007, at 02:54PM
Angelique Cafe Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Several of you had asked for an update after last week's accident at Angelique Cafe sent one of their staff to the hospital. To bring those who might not have seen the posts up to speed, a car blew a tire outside the cafe and careened into the side of the eatery, striking an employee.

I just called Angelique and the word is that Jim is home from the hospital and resting. He has a fractured disk in his back, but just cuts and bruises other than that. He hopes to return to work shortly.

I also just spoke to Kent Smith, head of the Fashion District BID. His BID has been working for years now to get a landscaped median installed in that intersection outside Angelique, where Spring and Main split. I posted about the topic way back in November of 2005, but the effort started earlier than that. Kent made the point that this median is more than just a visual nicety; it also provides a barrier to help protect employees and patrons in a particularly exposed location. While the median may not have stopped the path of this particular car, it's an important point to consider.


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