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Fresh Fare Loves to Talk About Fresh Fare Opening

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 16, 2007, at 03:33PM

Fresh Fare Invite I just got emailed the invite for Friday's opening of the new Ralphs. The chain's definitely putting some energy into the opening, with a two day schedule featuring food and wine tastings.

I'll certainly be glad when the store opens, in part because we might finally get past this crazy ad copy:

The time is here. Ralphs is proud to be opening a brand new Fresh Fare in the dynamic neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. When Fresh Fare opens this week, it will provide downtown customers a unique environment and an unmatched commitment to quality. At Fresh Fare, the ordinary will become extraordinary. Come see all Fresh Fare has to offer and join in the Grand Opening celebration on July 20th and 11 a.m. Fresh has arrived in downtown Los Angeles.

They used the "Fresh Fare" name in there four and half times in six sentences.

Check out the invite for full copy and the wine flight schedule.


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