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DotDotDash: Bloom 'What Now?' Edition (with update)

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, July 17, 2007, at 04:39PM

A special edition of DotDotDash, the 'What now?' Edition.

FINAL TIME SET: Joel Bloom's July 22 Memorial Block Party will start at 3pm, as noted by 9th District Councilmember Jan Perry at the close of today's City Council session. As reported earlier, it will be held at Joel Bloom Square, located at 3rd and Traction, and will extend out to the front of Bloom's General Store. There will be spill-over, as attendance is expected to be high.


The rest after the jump.

BloomKidREADING IN THE HALL The off and on again reading of Bloom's bio was held in the Hall this morning after all, with Perry introducing an Arts District resident who read the bio from combined sources including those of us here at blogdowntown ..— The reader (me) went off script toward the end to say Bloom was someone who documented destruction in the villages of South East Asia, and spent the rest of his life "building a village, and the last few years making sure it would be maintained after he was gone."


SQUARE THAT ISN'T A SQUARE: While the odd triangle "block" at E 3rd, Traction, and Rose was once proposed to be purchased by the City with the speculated intent of being converted into public space, the word is the price went up––so the lot purchase may be on hold. ..— It Doesn't Stop Creative Minds: A competition to design Joel Bloom Square is planned and open to artists, architecture students and "anyone else"..—__ The contest is sponsored by Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space and Citizen LA_; entry forms, along with details, will be available Sunday.


FINAL BARK: Before the read, CCEA's Estella Lopez brought up that friends of Bloom are asking where to send a memorial donation; at this time there is nothing set-up. _..— An initial idea by "the reader" is to set up a fund for Downtown Dogs, in Bloom's name, to help cover emergency health costs for loyal pets living in the Arts District and Historic Core. ..—__ Details, if any, will be reported here.


ADD BARK AT 7PM:* "While a downtown dog fund is no doubt correct in spirit" says Son of the White Sox Fan/Air Force Man below in comments, the family requests donations in Joel Bloom's name be sent to: Sarcoma Foundation of America, PO Box 548, Damascus, MD 20872. More info at the website: Sarcoma Foundation of America: Finding the Cure. In Our Time.


ADD JULY 17, NOW YOU CAN BARK BACK Bloom's niece, Dayna Sethness jumps in below to us about the link to the Trib where you can click on the guest book to leave a message to family and friends in Chicago..— The Chicago service for Bloom will be Friday at 11am..— Thank you Joel Alan Bloom, and family.

Pictured: Joel Bloom from the family archives.


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