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Fresh Fare Takes a "Fresh" Approach to Downtown Streets

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2007, at 06:18PM
Ralphs Mailer Map Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I promise you that come Saturday, all this Fresh Fare content will be over. Right now, though, they just keep providing such great stuff.

Most Downtowners probably got their third Fresh Fare mailer yesterday, one which this time eschews the glossy postcard for an envelope of flyers and savings. Printed in two places is a little map showing you the location of the new store they're so excited about.

This map isn't your normal Downtown map, though. In Ralphs world there are no "minor" streets like Hill, Olive, Hope or Flower. Wait... Flower? I'd imagine the thought process went something like this...

Ok, so we've got this store opening up at the corner of 9th and Flower. Downtown has too many streets, so let's just get rid of a few. Let's see, Flower seems unimportant.

How can you possibly justify leaving off the map the very street you're saying your store is on? And what's with Broadway ending at Olympic? Was the extra ink costing too much? That kind of thinking makes this most certainly a Bad Map.


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