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By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, July 27, 2007, at 10:33PM
National NIght Out Ed Fuentes

Can you just imagine someone hearing about blogdowntown and dropping in to visit hoping to read about politics, heroin sales, and scandal in a corrupted Downtown and all they read this:

Hello blogdowntowners! After you go to the new grocery store on Saturday––and before the Downtown Center Bid's canine mixer at the local church Tuesday, Downtown will have a "yard-less yard sale" Sunday in a Hotel Ballroom to benefit the local police department's National Night Out that will held in a Downtown neighborhood at a later date.

(O.K., are they gone? After the jump, a burlesque dancer offers gambling and DJs in a hotel while cops and bands go wild with all the locals in the Arts District streets.)

Ballroom Blitz: 1947project's Nico Bella own company, Fleur de Lethal, will give Downtowners a chance to buy crafts from an indie style swap-meet and art mart under the Tiffany glass ceiling of the Alexandria Hotel's Palm Court from noon to 7pm this Sunday.

Consider "Ballroom Blitz" your chance to see a stunning ballroom that's hidden away at 5th and Spring. Check in Charlie O's Cocktail Lounge who will have "specials" throughout the day.

National Night Out: Proceeds from the $1 raffle tickets at "Ballroom Blitz" will help sponsor LAPD's National Night Out, the nationwide event that honors cities and towns working with police / neighborhood crime-watch partnerships. This year LAPD selected the Arts District to represent Downtown.

The neighborhood's 4-year-old Neighborhood Watch Walk is the longest existing watch walk in the city and inspired Skid Row to have their own (with an assist from Joel Bloom). Like "Ballroom Blitz", National Night Out will have music as Traction and 3rd will be closed off for a block party with bands from 6pm to 11pm. on Tuesday, August 7.

All these events are ways to get to know neighbors, and that's part of the reason why Downtown is slightly different from what it was a year ago.


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