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Leaning Toward Traction

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Saturday, July 28, 2007, at 02:02PM
Pole from East Ed Fuentes

At E 3rd and Traction Saturday morning, a DWP crewman had just climbed this pole to reroute lines when it began to lean toward the street. Only the highest top wire kept it from falling over and crews were able to stabilize the aging pole and retrieve the worker without an incident.

Needless to say, these telephone and power poles are very old, as reported here on blogdowntown back on January 24. Safety is always taken into consideration when working on them and this attention to detail could be very well the reason no one was injured.

Pole from West In this case, however, you have to wonder if excavation around the pole as part of development construction weakened it. If you just fill in the area at the bottom of the pole, without "tapping" it in back into the ground securely, you could be left with a weak foundation.

As of now, DWP is back on the scene to complete re-routing wiring before taking down the leaning pole of the Arts District as soon as possible, so Traction from Rose to E 3rd is blocked off.

Top: Leaning pole looking west mid-morning.

Bottom: Pole on Traction from Rose St late morning.

Photo Bonus: A while back, I was looking for photos of the hotel floors on the now one-story building at the corner of E 3rd and Traction. I found this 1928 photo of Traction from Rose at USC archives.


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