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Two More Conversions, Two More Small Fires

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, August 03, 2007, at 01:52PM
600 S. Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

It seems that small fires during construction are about par for the course these days. This morning there was a small blaze on the 15th floor of 600 S. Spring, one of the buildings Barry Shy is converting to residential. Barry had a larger fire during the interior demo at 548 S. Spring back in 2005.

More recently, Downtown development has seen a couple fires in the Roosevelt conversion and a small blaze at Ralphs in April.

Good to know that crews are apparently at work at 600 S. Spring. That building's completely dead from the outside. I believe it was two Art Walks ago that I saw a guy making use of the entry way there as a place to hit a tennis ball off the wall.

Update (4pm): Turns out there was also a small fire at the Chapman this afternoon, less than two hours after the one at 600 S. Spring. CNS reports that blaze to have occured a bit after noon, and to have been put out in 12 minutes.

Update (9pm): After the jump, a shot of the damage in the Chapman.

Update (Saturday): Yesterday evening LAFD put a write-up about the fires up on their blog.

Looking at fire damage on the western side of the building, confined to one unit.

Chapman Fire Damage


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