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Another March, but Broadway Gets a Break

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, August 04, 2007, at 12:33PM
Stop the Violence March Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I could hear this morning's march passing by and saw the traffic stacking up on Spring street, so I decided to head down ad check it out. I walked out my door and down to 7th, instinctively taking a right at the corner. I did a double-take when Broadway was filled not with marchers, but with cars. Only when I turned around did I find the march heading up Main street toward City Hall.

Walking back I ran into Jerry Sullivan of the Garment & Citizen and he echoed the same thing I was thinking when I did my double-take: when someone mentions a march Downtown, you just assume it's going up Broadway.

Back in March Jose Huizar passed a motion asking that the City look at how to keep Broadway businesses from bearing the brunt of so many first-ammendment events. I can't say that had any bearing on today's events, but the result seemed to be a good change of pace.

One more march photo after the jump...

Marchers passing in front of the mural on the southern face of the Higgins Gallery, soon to be torn down to make way for the LAPD motorpool.

Stop the Violence March


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