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No More Camille's

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 06, 2007, at 01:17PM
No More Camille's Eric Richardson [Flickr]

I can't say that I was all too surprised to walk outside today and find that the Camille's at 7th & Hope closed up within the last few days. The cafe opened in the summer of 2005 as an example of the new healthier food options moving into Downtown, but had never struck me as being particularly well managed.

If you checked out the hours on the door recently, you might have seen signs that this move was coming. Hours running from 7-5 had been crossed out and replaced with 8-4. At one point there was a different sign situated next to this one that had another different set of hours on it, leaving the confused would-be patron left guessing. This wasn't an isolated incident either, back in January of 2006 they had resumed Saturday hours, but their door proclaimed them closed.

The cafe does leave behind a well built-out space, so hopefully someone else can come along and benefit from a reduced time to open.


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