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City Council Passes Planning Changes

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, August 07, 2007, at 03:29PM
Downtown Cranes Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The LA Times and the Town Crier are both reporting that the City Council unanimously approved changing planning rules to allow for increased density and easier development Downtown.

While some have taken to criticizing these changes based on the notion that 250 sq. ft. units are now going to flood the market (the minimum the new ordinance allows), that's a silly conjecture and certainly far from the truth. This ordinance simply opens up the developers' toolbox, allowing them to offer a range of living options.

Far more importantly, though, these changes will make it quicker and easier for developers to get common-sense urban concepts approved. By changing the planning code to fall more in line with development occurring today, the City reduces the number of variances that have to be issued and the amount of paperwork a developer has to slog through to get something done here in Downtown.


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