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A Peek Inside the ImaginAsian Center

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, August 08, 2007, at 09:51PM
_IGP9586.JPG Ed Fuentes

A few weeks ago we posted renders for the ImaginAsian Center, set to open in the former Linda Lea theater on Main street this fall. This week Ed and I got to head over to the site and take some photos of the ongoing construction. We also got a chance to talk to Thomas Pyun from ImaginAsian and ask him about the company's plans for their new Downtown location.

Some quick notes and then we'll get on to the pictures:

The ImaginAsian Center will be the company's second go at a theater. The first is located in New York City, where the company was started. The Downtown location will be second, and the company's looking to open several more in the near future. Thomas was quick to emphasize that this is a theater for Downtown as a whole, not just the Asian communities.

Naming this second location the ImaginAsian Center was an intentional move to position the old Linda Lea as more than just a theater. Thomas talked about wanting to make the space a part of Gallery Row, and wanting to take part in the monthly Art Walks via art displays and spoken performances.

In the comments on the previous post Rico asked whether ImaginAsian was focused on a specific part of Asia, but Thomas emphasized that the company has a broad vision. He talked about wanting to bring Bollywood films to the US, and how through numerous partnerships the company is reaching out to groups of all different nationalities.

Tentative opening is scheduled for late October, and it sounds like the festivities could be a pretty A-list affair.

With that said, on to some photos... Click any one to get a larger view.

Working on the 2nd FloorImaginAsian Center: Box Office

Above: Working on the second floor, where there will be space for private functions (left) and the future box office (right).

ImaginAsian Center: AuditoriumImaginAsian Center: Auditorium

Stadium seating in the auditorium from the front (left) and back (right).

ImaginAsian Center: Screen AreaImaginAsian Center: Screen Area

Construction of the back walls and screen area.

Photos by Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson. You can find a few more shots here and here.


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